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April 5, 2016

5 Reasons Why Entering Business Awards Makes Sense

5 Reasons Why Entering Awards Makes Sense

5 Reasons Why Entering Business Awards Makes Sense

You might be weighing up the pros and cons of spending the time to enter a business awards process but we believe it’s time well spent, given the many benefits that are associated with such events. We have put together 5 reasons why we believe it makes sense from a business perspective to enter into an awards event.

1.       Marketing & PR

Business awards may not spring to mind when thinking about marketing opportunities but just being short-listed can improve your businesses brand awareness and access to new customers. Being associated with a business awards event can provide great PR opportunities during the pre-event promotion and after the event. Awards celebrate hard work and success and it is a great opportunity to put your business in the spotlight and have your achievements acknowledged.

2.  Opportunity to take stock     

The application process for entering a business awards represents a great opportunity to review and take stock of your business. The process will  not only allow you to identify your successes but also can show some areas required for improvement when comparing yourself to the competition. Applying for an award is also a good opportunity to practice your pitching skills as you will need to make sure you stand out from the competition in your specific category. Finally as well as reviewing the past and present an application process will also give you the opportunity to think about the future direction of the business and set goals to be achieved.

3.     Have achievements recognised

Winning an award or being short-listed can act as a 3rd party endorsement for your business. Having your business judged and endorsed by an independent panel of respected business leaders gives your company increased creditability when pitching to new customers. Receiving an award acknowledges your excellence in a category or industry providing a distinct competitive advantage over rivals.

4.      Building team morale

Succeeding in business requires a team effort and picking up an award gives recognition to your staffs contribution to the businesses success. This is invaluable in terms of boosting morale and making employees feel proud of the company and their contribution. Bringing your team to the awards ceremony is a great way of celebrating your achievements as a team and also provides good networking opportunities.

5.       Add a new string to your bow

Winning an award not only provides a great sense of achievement, it also provides a competitive advantage going forward for your business, in terms of attracting investment, recruiting new talent and attracting new customers. It can provide that distinguishing factor in a crowded marketplace and best of all, entering and winning a business award can be achieved at a relatively low cost.

What Next?

We hope this post encourages you to put yourself forward to enter a business awards event. Throughout the year there is numerous business award events for a range of industries at both a local and national level so there is plenty of opportunities.

If you’re looking to enter an upcoming event, we will be hosting the All Ireland business All Stars on February 5th at Croke Park. With over 20 categories up for grabs on the night, it represents a unique opportunity for businesses of all sizes and sectors to compete for honours.

Check out our website and register your interest –

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