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January 5, 2016
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January 22, 2016

Live, Lead and Make an Impact with Pete Smith

The team at All-Ireland Business Summit are delighted to introduce our latest speaker Pete Smith, one of America’s leading personal and professional development coaches. Pete will be making the journey to Croke Park from his home in Arlington Virginia to share his unique and inspiring story.

Pete had a stroke at the age of 35, where he temporarily lost his speech and became paralysed on one half of his body. Having been blessed with a full recovery, he has since used his experience to impact the lives of others, leaving his position as a successful operations executive and started his own company, SmithImpact, in 2011.

Taking his experiences as a successful leader and manager, and incorporating the lessons learned from surviving a stroke, Pete is routinely asked to work with leaders, managers and employees, to develop people at the individual level and increase performance at the team level.

Pete’s impact on those who have attended his presentations or enrolled in his training programs has been huge, not only because he teaches people how to become more successful, but because he challenges and inspires them to become more SIGNIFICANT.

Pete resides in Arlington, VA with his beautiful wife (a fellow redhead), two incredible boys (also redheads), and a loveable, crazy dog (yes, even the dog is a redhead).

Pete looks forward to coming to Ireland on April 14th to not only rediscover his Irish roots but also to help you lead a more significant life.

For more information on Pete, you can folllow him on Twitter or visit his website.

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